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  Reginald A. Fessenden,W1F,  Reginald Fessenden, Brant Roack, MA, NESCO, National Electic Signalling Company, Amateur Radio Special Event Station W1F, 100 Year Anniversary of Wireless Voice Broadcast, Marshfield's Brant Rock, Marshfield, MA, USS Fessenden, Machrihanish Scotland,
rSponsered by the "Peconic Amateur Radio Club"

The W1F "HELLO" Special Event Station
     is now history itself.

The tri-station operation was a tremendous success!
Check back at this site over the next few weeks to see for yourself as pictures will follow.  
73 -- Steve, K2CX

Amateur Radio Special Event Station

  S.A.S.E. Required 

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In memory of  Physicist & Radio Pioneer

Reginald Fessenden
 October 6, 1866 July 22, 1932  

 "By his genius distant lands converse
and men sail unafraid upon the deep"



United States Navel Vessel

named posthumously in honor of
Professor Fessenden.

 USS Fessenden - DE 142

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Fessenden History Page


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